Are there parking opportunities at Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid?

Please use the public parking opportunities alongside “Parkstraße”. Keep in mind, that the Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid ist located in a residential area with only limited parking opportunities. Therefore we recommend you to use public transportation.

Is the Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid suitable and accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, there is barrier-free access to the grounds of Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid. a sufficient number of seats for wheelchair occupants and accompanying persons, with an unrestricted view of the stage, are available for all public events. Also, there are handicapped accessible toilets situated on the grounds.

Are underaged persons allowed to attent public events without the company of a legal guardian?

In principle, adolescents under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parents or legal guardians may authorize other persons with the supervision, provided these persons are 18 years or above. Here you will find a respective form of delegation of an authorized person.

How long do the events last at Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid?

The duration of the events vary. In general events last about 2,5 to 3 hours. Due to the predetermined night hour, events taking place at Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid end no later than 10 p.m.

May I bring pets to an event at Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid?

No, animals are not permitted in our facilities, apart from guiding dogs.

Where can I puchase tickets and when does the advanced booking start?

Tickets for our events are generally available at all associated advance booking offices. The starting date of the advanced booking is determined by the particular event organizer. As soon as the advanced booking is available, you will find a note on our website. In case of an event being booked up, you will also find this information on our website as promptly as possible.

What happens, if an event is cancelled? Can I return my ticket and get my money back?

In case of an event being cancelled or delayed to another date, you will find this information on our website. Generally, in case of a delay, the tickets keep their validity. If you are not able to attend the new date or in the case that the event is cancelled completely, you may return your tickets to the particular advance booking office, where you purchased them in the first place.

We recommend you to consult our website directly prior to the event, to avoid any bad surprises.

Can I purchase drinks and snacks prior, during and after the event?

Snacks and dishes such as Curry-sausage with French fries, non-alcoholic drinks as well as beer, wine and sparkling wine are available at our beer garden which is open during all public events.

When does the admission to the events generally start?

Generally, admission is granted 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start of the event. This information may vary. Therefore, please take into account the respective notification on your printed ticket or in our online event calendar.

 Are there any items I’m not allowed to bring inside and will there be surveillances at the entrance?

Yes, at the entrance to an event, security personnel will check handbags and backpacks. In principle, it is NOT allowed to carry glassware (bottles, glasses etc.), cans, weapons including "protective weapons", fireworks and other hazardous items with you. Other non-admissible items may be decided within the rules of the particular event.

Is the Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid located within a low-emission zone?

Yes, the low-emission zone comprises the whole area around Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid. The way from the autobahn exit to the Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid is therefore only accessible with a green emission sticker.

When does the last bus / tram leave from RuhrCongress Bochum in direction of the main station?

On weekdays, tram line 302 leaves at “Wattenscheider Pos:” (about an 8 minute walk from the Freilichtbühne Wattenscheid) in direction of Bochum main station approximately every 10 minutes until 8 p.m. (Saturdays every 15 minutes); afterwards ones per hour (journey time about 30 minutes). The last connection is at 12:18 a.m. (arrival at Bochum main station 12:45 a.m.). On Sundays and public holidays tram line 302 leaves “Wattenscheider Post” continuously every 30 minutes (:18 and :48). The last connection is at 12:18 a.m.

For more individual information, please use the online direction service provided on our website under the heading  Directions/Parking.